Health Services Supervisor Credential

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Health Services Supervisor Credential   (10 units)Course Brochure

The Supervisor Credential (SC) program is designed as a valid and reliable measure ofthe candidates understanding of the Head Start regulations.  Candidates enrolled in thisCredentialprogram acquire a skill set of the best practices and procedural methods for implementing Head Start regulations. A Credentialed Specialist (CS) is a Head Start professional who is responsible for collecting, reporting, managing and monitoring daily compliance issues in a content area. 

A credential at HS University is an "educational process" of establishing the qualifications of professionals in Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant Head Start, American Indian/Alaska Native and Early Childhood employees.  The process consists of the attainment of a specific skill level and knowledge of regulations and the assessing of the candidate's educational background and experience. A license is then awarded to the professional who meets the standards set for the credential.  It signifies that a student has enrolled, attended and successfully completed the requirements of a specific health services area within a Head Start program.  The specialist credential process usually takes about 3 months to complete and requires 15 units.

The credential in Health Services Supervisor is designed to help students develop a “systems approach” to monitoring health services, reflecting the vision articulated within the Performance Standards and health protocol that strong systems are essential to maintaining program quality. Under this approach, students will learn how to identify a failure within health service area and identify the underlying problems in which federal review teams might identify as a non-compliance finding. The credential focuses on how systems, services, and health activities interact to create and maintain quality support and services. The focus of the credential will be on both the child and family, using the regulations and best practices to develop procedures and policies. This credential is a holistic, multifaceted credential that allows students to learn how to integrate quality health support systems and services. The credential uses the health milestones as the core of the credential. Students learn the provisions of establishing a Head Start-based health program that emphasizes a programmatic way of observing and recognizing health and behavioral changes in staff, children and families and directing them to the best support services. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

1. Develop health policies and procedures that support the healthy goals for children, families and staff                                           
2. Link children and families to ongoing sources of continuous, accessible health care
3. Integrate health within the Head Start program curriculum
4. Respond to questions about strategies to address community health problems
5. Ensure center environments support a healthy child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development
6. Engage parents in identifying and accessing health services and resources
7. Support parents as advocates for their child's health
8. Support efforts to improve health in the community
9. Develop comprehensive health services for children and pregnant mothers
10. Educate providers and other professionals on the needs and issues of Head Start children and families
11. Advocate for community system changes that support the health of children and families


 Program Information

Program Length

All courses are two days or six week online in length, 10 units unless specified otherwise. HS University students are Head Start working adults who can earn their supervisor credential at their own pace and on their own schedule.  Most students attend part-time, and the normal time to complete this program is 24 weeks.

Program Cost

Cost information for HS University program is available at  The tuition and fees for the entire program, at current tuition rates, are $2695 online, $2195 campus. 

Program Course of Study

The following list a suggested course of study. Students must complete 5 credits/ 15 units in order to earn a certificate. Please contact your advisor and student representative for an individual Professional Development Plan (Plans consist of a detailed program of study requirement and Proposal for Tuition payment).  Students must complete an application and pay application fee in order to receive Professional Development Plans of Study.


Certification Requirements: Click on Certification Type to find out more information!

Ceritification Type   Certification Requirement
Supervisor Credential   Supervisor Credential is a "Supervisor Development Program." Core competencies include Basic Core competencies, plus resilience, conflict management, team building, influencing/negotiating, human resources management, service motivation and accountability. Technical competencies vary by content area. This is a 24 week program. Requires 10 credits, 2 exams Brochure...