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At HS University, we believe in the adage, "The only thing constant is change," especially when it comes to credentialing. For that reason, we continually evaluate and update Credentialing to ensure that they keep up with new regulations and requirements.  Earning a Credential  not only helps you stay current with the latest regulations and requirements, it demonstrates your specific job-related experience and problem-solving skills.

What are the benefits of being a Credentialed Specialist? Credentialed Professionals (CP) receive the following benefits:  Career Opportunities  - Earning a Credential verifies your expertise in working with regulations and procedures.  A Credential shows that you are a leader with the ability to successfully implement solutions for an agency or program.  Validation of Knowledge and skills   - The Head Start community, your agency and programs around the US will recognize your CS credential as validation of the knowledge and skills you have gained through experience.  A Firm Foundation of Skills  Preparation for Credential requires that you cover all aspects of the regulations and requirements you are studying.  The rigorous exam development process includes extensive job task analyses, reviews by internal and external experts, regulation testing to ensure the relevancy and accuracy of each Credential. Exclusive Internet access to special kits for all HS University Official Curriculum (HSOC) Training courses Professional kits on current regulations will be available to download from the Internet through the download center. This includes all languages for HSOC Training courseware. Other content may be added throughout the year. Ability to purchase special kits for all HSOC Training courses.  Special kits are available to purchase for a low cost from your local fulfillment center. Exam discounts. Credentialed or license staff receive a (5) five percent discount on credential exams in cities where the exam cost is equivalent to $185. Courseware support. Certificate and Credentialed staffs can use a special instructional support alias to ask questions or report problems regarding their credentialed components. This support service can assist you with program problems, compliance issues, regulatory clarification, or other matters related to Head Start. Coverage is national, although problems and resolutions are Federal based only. Exclusive access to the private CP Web site and the monthly CP newsletter. The private Web site and CP newsletter provide timely updates on CS program announcements, HSU credential and courseware information, events, and special promotions. Special offers for the CP community. Many forms and services are offered free of charge or at a discount for specialist. These special offers are kept up-to-date on the private CP Web site.Private CP newsgroups on the Internet. The newsgroups allow you to share tips and tricks and exchange information about HSU training, credentialing and other CP events. Invitations to regional and national HS University events. These events include various Professional-readiness events, both regional and national. Attending these events will help you stay ahead with Head Start compliance. Credential or License Program (CLP) ID Cards and Lapel Pins. The CPID identification cards and lapel pins allow you to identify yourself to HS University Certified Training Centers, as well as other programs and the Office of Head Start.

Benefits of HS University's License...

As licensed professionals, you become an HS University Official Curriculum Trainer. Trainers are the premier technical and instructional experts in training and technical assistance services and Head Start regulations. Trainers are able to administer HS University's Official Curriculum (HSOC) exams as well as work as field consultants. All licensed professionals must adhere to the trainer's professional code of ethics and sign a trainer's agreement form. All consulting work must utilize our official curriculum as well as purchase courseware manuals.  When you join this exclusive group of training and technical assistance professionals, you reap the benefits of training certification, including access to the complete library of official training outlines, agendas, forms; substantial discounts on training manuals, ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations; readiness resources and access to a members-only online community; and invitations to exclusive events and programs.that will allow you to perform trainings for your program staff.   The license program is an opportunity to earn professional recognition beyond post secondary education or help in the completion of a degree program. A license is the next progression in an employee's professional career.  Beyond the educational degree, a professional license denotes professional commitment and achievement and represents a "plus" feature of advance education,  knowledge and experience that meets or exceeds excellence at the national level. Professional workers agree to a critical review process that includes evaluation of the candidate's educational preparation, supervised fieldwork, Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and examination. The license signifies that a student has enrolled, attended and successfully completed the requirements of a specific area.  In order to complete a credential program, all students must complete the Credential Core Requirements.

Whether you are new to Head Start, changing jobs, or a seasoned  professional, Credentialing and licensing can help you achieve your goals. Gain a sense of accomplishment while you demonstrate to your program, regional office, and peers your commitment to advancing your program’s commitment to quality and your ability for meeting program challenges. License professionals are license to train and exam staff. Licensed Trainers gain access to the Trainers member site, which provides the latest news and resources, including trainer readiness resources, announcements about exams and training and credentials, and Trainers program logos. The member site also provides access to the following trainer benefits:

License benefits...

Support site

This password-protected Web site provides access to members-only benefits, such as transcripts, logos, and special offers.

Private and public newsgroups

Share knowledge with HS University team members and other certified professionals through exclusive newsgroups. Use the newsgroups to network, find support, and share problems and solutions.

Conferences, training, and events

Take advantage of special networking and ERSEA-development opportunities, such as the Live Meetings led by elite HS University Certified Trainers and invitations to take beta exams.


After you pass your first exam, you will automatically receive the HSU Newsletter, a monthly e-newsletter that announces updates; training, exam, and credential availability and requirements; and special offers for Head Start trainings.

Trainer Station Exclusive to trainers, the Trainer Station offers both technical readiness and University training materials to help trainers prepare for teaching courses, plus easy access to resources. In addition, the Trainer Station helps Trainers stay up to date on the latest news.
Trainer prep kits Access online trainer preparation packs containing helpful downloadable content for teaching courseware, including videos and courseware content, in a helpful word format.
Download Center Receive comprehensive access to the entire library of training and certification materials.
Courseware Marketplace Access digital versions of available courses and student guides.
Trainer community

Join exclusive private communities for peer support and networking, and communicate with the training and licensed team.

Courseware support Get direct support for questions on official training and credentials.


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    Over 99% of HS/EHS programs with HS University's credential or license do better in Federal On-Site Reviews!