Exam Length: 2 hours

Exam Method: Online

Exam Cost:  $370.00 per person (2 exams at $185 each), $740 per person for License (4 exams)

Exam Prerequisites: All Students must take at least one HSU course prior to exam!

All exams will be administered via our online examination system.  Upon completion of your core training course, students will be notified via their Student Ecampus account of the availability of the practice exam.  Students will have up to six weeks to take practice exams. Practice exam scores will not appear on student grade card.  Once a candidate is comfortable, they will notify their instructor to open examination period.  Exam will be available anytime 24 hours a day.  Once a student starts the exam, they will have 2 hours to complete exam.  Student cannot stop the exam or leave the examination process. The following information explains the University's examination policies and procedures.

Academic Integrity: HS University policy on cheating and plagiarism can be found below on under statement about cheating. You are responsible for reading and agreeing to this policy before you take your online exam. In addition, there is a link to this policy within the first question on your exam. When you take the exam, you signal that you have read and agreed to this policy.

Statement about Cheating - You are on your honor not to cheat during your exam. Cheating means:

1. Looking up any answer or part of an answer in a textbook or on the Internet, or using any other source to find the answer.

2. Copying and pasting or in any way copying responses or parts of responses from any other source into your online test. This includes but is not limited to copying and pasting from other documents or spreadsheets, whether written by yourself or anyone else.

3. Asking anyone else to assist you by whatever means available while you take the exam.

4. Copying any part of the exam to share with other students.

5. Telling HS University that you need another attempt at the exam because your connection to the Internet was interrupted when that is not true.

If there is evidence that you have cheated in your exam, the exam will be declared invalid, and you will fail the exam.

Privacy Policy: Because of laws protecting confidentiality and privacy, only you can register yourself for a test or make inquiries regarding registration status or test scores.  Your private information will not be made available to anyone but you.

Reporting to the Test Site: Your admission ticket lists your test selection, test site, test date, and reporting time.  Please report to the test site no later than scheduled reporting time.  See Test Selection for reporting and dismissal times and test session lengths.  On the day of the test, you will want to dress comfortably in layers.  This will allow you to adjust for the temperature at the test site, which may vary and may not be under the control of the test administrators.  Please wear soft-soled shoes to help maintain a quiet testing environment.  Water bottles may be allowed in the testing room, provided they are clear, do not have a label, have secure lid, and are stored under your seat, not on your desk during testing.

Late arrivals policy - It is essential that you report for each assigned test session no later than the time indicated on your admission ticket.  If you arrive late to a test session, you may not be admitted.  If you are admitted late, you will not be given any additional time beyond the scheduled ending time for the test session, and you will be required to sign a statement acknowledging this.  If you arrive late and are not admitted, you will be considered absent and will not receive a refund or credit of any kind.  You will need to register and pay again to test at a future administration.

Online Testing: Online testing is completed at your computer.  Students who wish to complete online testing must register and pay registration fees before taking any online exams.  Online registration payment must be completed prior to exam.  Students with unpaid fees will not be allowed to complete online exams.  You will be allowed approximately 2 hour to complete online test.  You will not be able to go backward on any question.  

What Happens on Test Day? - When you registered and paid fees, you will receive a URL link and username and password. Your password will open the exam. This exam can be accessed only once during your allotted time, so be sure you are prepared to complete the test and work on it for the 1 hour you have. Although your exam has a 1-hour time limit, HSU asks that you allow an additional 30 minutes for instructions at the beginning and for a brief survey to be completed after the examination. As with all exams, you may not need the full 2 hours to complete your exam, but you’ll want to make sure that time is available to you if you should need it.

Test Timing - At the start of your exam, a message will appear in the top of your window. This provides you with a running tally of how much time has elapsed while you are testing. When there is 1 minute remaining, a warning window will pop up. You must click “OK” in this window in order to finish your exam. Keep in mind that the test will shut down when your time runs out. HS University holds all students to the honor system and we feel confident that you will complete your test honestly. Be advised, however, that we have the ability to verify the time spent on each test.  If you print any question during the exam,  the exam will give you a failing score no matter your end results.  If someone attempts to login under your passcode again,  it will deactivate your score.

Official Examinee Score Reports: Your official score will be sent to you by email on the score report date published in "Test Dates."  Your score report will be sent to the email address that you provided during the registration process.  If you wish to have your score report sent to a different address, you may complete a Registration Information Correction Form at the test site on the day of the test.  

Your score report provides information about your passing status and other performance information.  If you have not received your score report two week after the score report date, call (901) 748-0293.  Under no circumstances will your official score report information be released in person or by telephone, or fax.


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