About Tuition and Fees


HS University offers a strong academic course of study and a real-world curriculum that prepares you for a lifetime of personal achievement and career success – all at a price so affordable it may surprise you.

Fees are Subject to Change without Notice

HS University makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum.  Fees for courses are listed below.  P

lease check our course catalog for all student courses. To get an exact quote for your program, contact student services at 1-888-282-7817 x226

The total tuition for a curriculum program in which a student is registered is payable in one installment and is due by the invoice due dates specified on your University invoice.  All payments, except students enrolled in a payment agreement, must be completed no later than 7 business days prior to class start date.  Students or agencies owing the University money, will not be allowed to register for future training, or will not receive their certificate or credential until all debts are settled.

All students enrolled in a credential or license program must pay, at the time of enrollment, a non-refundable application fee and complete a program application and eligibility assessment.  When registering early, the same applies.  The only exception is a student's agency may elect to pay the application and course registration fees at the same time. HS University does not participate in financial aid. All fees can only be accepted through agency purchase orders, agency check, agency credit cards or agency direct bill. Direct billing agencies must complete the Billing Authorization Form, prior to registration.