On-Site Advantages

Meeting your needs right at your location!

HS University has been providing on-site program services that get phenomenal results for the last 22 years!  If your program could benefit from training, technical assistance or other services, our experts are here for either a one-time or long term basis.  We offer on-site services in any of the following areas:

    - Pre-service or In-service Training

    - Consultant services to support staff in your program

    - Research services in studies for associations, programs and other entities

    - Preparing refunding applications and writing grant proposals

    - Developing print materials such as manuals and workbooks

    - Designing promotion/education brochures, audio-visual materials, web pages, presentations, etc.

    - Writing and revising program plans, i.e., training plans, policies and procedures, community assessments,       

       operating procedures, financial manuals, etc.

     - Planning conference, teleconference meetings which includes: logistics, registration, financial record-keeping, accounts payable and receivable, on-site support,

       budgeting, exhibitors, contracting issues, fundraising, etc.

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Reviews & Ratings

What our clients are saying!

Thank you so much for a fabulous training.  You have made ERSEA regulations, a dynamic useful tool and for the first time in 7 years, I think "we get it."  Thanks for your knowledge, cheerful presentation style and fabulous information                                                                                                                                                            Head Start, Washington

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