Disabilities Services Credentialing

Why HS University's certification is right for you!

Earning a credential in disabilities services management.

The demand for specialized and skilled Head Start Disability Services workers is strong and growing oProgram Guiden a daily basis. Agencies need to be assured that the professionals they hire can handle disability compliance and regulatory issues and still provide the program with the health resources that are beneficial to families. Keeping a program in compliance today with state, local and federal health regulations plays a key role in nearly every Head Start.

A candidate can earn a degree or credential that ensures a level of competency that produces high quality, comprehensive program effectiveness.  As you advance, you acquire a new level of competency based on performance skills.  All our trainings are based upon the Head Start performance standards.  These standards serve as a means of measuring the performance of Head Start employees during the curriculum based examinations. A credential will be awarded to you when you have demonstrated competency through training and examination and you receive professional recognition by successfully completing the examination process.  Contact a student representative to determine eligibility and enrollment requirements.

Why do I need a credential?

Being a credentialed Disabilities Service professional makes all the difference.  Disabilities service workers who want recognition for their professional achievement and who want to unlock new career paths come to HS University for their credentials


With credential comes an enhanced degree of credibility and competence. HS University's credential...

  Validates specialized knowledge through examination
  Verifies requisite levels of education and experience
  Demonstrates a commitment to continuing education and examination to stay at the forefront of your profession
  Requires adhering and maintaining high ethical standards through a Code of Professional Conduct.


Certification Requirements: Click on Certification Type to find out more information!

Ceritification Type   Certification Requirement
Administrative Credential   Administrative Credential is an "Emerging Leaders Program." Basic Core competencies include flexibility, interpersonal skills, self-direction, technical credibility, project management, leveraging diversity. Technical competencies vary by content area. This is a 12 week program. Requires 15 credit hours, 1 exam Brochure...
Supervisor Credential   Supervisor Credential is a "Supervisor Development Program." Core competencies include Basic Core competencies, plus resilience, conflict management, team building, influencing/negotiating, human resources management, service motivation and accountability. Technical competencies vary by content area. This is a 24 week program. Requires 30 credit hours, 2 exams Brochure...
Management License   Management License is a "Executive Management Program." Core competencies include all supervisor competencies, plus creativity/innovation, technology management and organizational systems awareness. Technical competencies vary by content area. This is a 36 week program. Requires 45 credit hours, 3 exams and student practicum Brochure...
Management License w/Trainer Specialty   Licensed Trainer is a technical addition to any of the above competencies. Core competencies include all management license competencies, plus strategic thinking, vision, and external awareness. Technical competencies vary by content area. Requires 45 credit hours, 3 exams and student practicum, with 5 credits hours in training specialities Brochure...