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A Look at Our Faculty...

Integrating the learning process... Anticipating the Future


Dr. Ann Miller, Executive Director, is responsible for administrative responsibility for all aspects of HS University programs, including instructional and student services, supervision and evaluation of all staff, planning and budgeting, technology, outreach and public relations.  Dr. Miller holds a Doctorate in Education Administration, Masters in Human Services and 15 years administrative experience in higher education management.  Dr. Miller has 10 years of demonstrated knowledge of effective teaching and learning processes and teaching/counseling experience.  She is a visionary leader who maintains open lines of communication on campus and in the community.  Dr. Miller is accessible and visible and engenders trust and confidence in her position.  Dr. Miller is married to John Miller and they have four children and six grandchildren.


Mr. Thomas Michaels, Director of On-Site Services. His focus is on On-Site program quality and integration, and the logistical management of Head Start and Early Head Start professional development. He is responsible for training standards quality assurance. Mr. Michaels manages the trainer personnel project for the University, and is also the logistic manager and coordinator for all On-Site events. Mr. Michaels  holds a M.B.A in Marketing-Management from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. He has extensive experience, and has worked in the field of Non-Profit Quality Assessment and Risk Management which is ideal for programs seeking excellence in services. 


Mr. Michael Davis, Student Services Manager, is responsible for coordinating course events for students  and ensures that all information is accurate and distributed appropriately. Mr. Davis oversees class scheduling as well as dissemination of courses information, outlines, and University policies and procedures involving student registration requirements.  Mr. Davis has 7 years administrative management experience and holds a M.B.A in Information Technology Management from the University of Florida.  Mr. Davis works directly with our Curriculum Manager to ensure student learning formats exceed quality requirements and student expectations. 



Mrs. Stephanie Martin, Curriculum Manager, is responsible for the standardization of curriculum programs whether delivered on campus or online.  Mrs. Martin manages the collaborative partnership with our Online Divisions, Faculty Services Teams, and Student Advisement staff.  Mrs. Martin has seven years experience in course planning and course development.  Mrs. Martin is responsible for plans and schedules that meet the University's mission and instructional needs. Mrs. Martin has a M.B.A.. in Education Administration from University of Memphis.



Mrs. Sherry Cole, Student Affairs Director, manages all HS University student support activities and is responsible for leadership to the Student Affairs division, which includes the departments of student activities/orientation; health and wellness; and campus safety. Mrs. Cole has an M.B.A. in Business & Technology from University of Memphis and a B.A. in Management from University of Illinois.



Mrs. Renee Rose, Finance Manager, manages all the accounting and monitoring systems of the University.  Mrs. Rose has 13 years experience working with grant funded projects and holds has an M.B.A. in Accounting from the University of  Mississippi. 



Carol Moore, PhD, Health Services Manager, Dr, Moore oversees all the training and development services for health services.  Dr. Moore holds a doctorate in Health Services, Policy and Practices from Brown University


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Deborah Ross, PhD, Director of TTA Services, is responsible for training and technical assistance services for HS University and other contracts and projects. Dr. Ross holds a Doctorate in Psychology in Adolescent and Child Development from Stanford University. Her training and consulting interests include special education, program design and management, health services, child mental health and family therapy. Her recent focus has been in the area of ERSEA management for Head Start/Early Head Start programs and their grantee and delegate agencies and the reporting responsibilities of their Boards of Directors. Dr. Ross has been privileged to serve as guest speaker for the National Head Start Association and National Child Development and Assessment Project in the development of their quality initiatives, designing quality standards and strategies for assessment.  



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Angela Jackson, PhD, Child Development/Education Manager, oversees all the training and development services for child development and education services. 


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Kim Bolden, PhD, Family Services/Community Partnerships Manager, oversees all the training and development services for Family, Community and Social services.  Dr. Bolden holds a doctorate in Social Work from Columbia University, 


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Board Members

  Dr. Kate Humphreys

  Dr. Carl Murphy

  Claudia Mitchell

  James Bowen

  Dr. Pete Stiller

  Dr. Mark Holmes

  Mary Nowell

  Steve Lowery

Administration Staff

  Karen Hall, Secretary

  Cindy Greene, Finance Asst.

Training Managers

   Dr. Deborah Ross, Training Director

   Dr. Carol Moore Health Services

 Open ERSEA/Management

  Dr. Angela Jackson Education

  Dr. Karen Bolden  Family/Social Services